Atlas Tennis and the Positive Impact of Tennis Travel Featured in Sports Illustrated

Dec 22, 2023News, Atlas Tennis Trips, Europe, Featured

Sports Illustrated Tennis Travel

Atlas Tennis received a mention in the Sports Illustrated weekly tennis column on December 20th as excitement continues to spread in advance of our inaugural trips in summer 2024. Each trip will be the best of tennis travel, combining training and competition, along with European sightseeing and cultural experiences. Players will have daily tennis clinics run by our dedicated team of coaches in addition to tennis tournament play in countries like Spain, France, the UK, and Italy.

For those unaware, the column is written by journalist Jon Wertheim, one of the most influential voices in tennis media. The weekly blend of mailbag questions, commentary, and notable news from the tennis world has been required reading for tennis fans for decades, and has continued to grow as Jon has gone from a staff writer at SI to now the Executive Editor, as well as a correspondent on 60 Minutes and a regular TV contributor on Tennis Channel.

It’s particularly exciting for our tennis travel experiences to be mentioned in Jon’s column as it comes only a week after his recent in-depth 60 Minutes interview with Novak Djokovic came out on CBS. If you haven’t seen it already, we highly recommend watching it. Jon is one of the best interviewers in the world, and does not shy away from any topic during his conversation with Djokovic in Belgrade last month. From a tennis perspective, it’s also truly fascinating to hear about the mentality of Djokovic and what makes him continue to dominate the sport even as players half his age are hitting their prime.

As Jon mentions in the article about Atlas Tennis, the concept behind our trips is rooted in the experiences of our partners, including Eric Butorac, who went to France to play some local tournaments after college. What started with very little expectation eventually “Transformed his career and his life,” as Jon writes. In addition the the successful pro career Eric was able to have thanks to his tennis travel, the experience also led to lifelong friendships and invaluable memories from his time traveling around Europe to play and compete.

Our mission with Atlas Tennis is to provide tennis players of various levels—not just aspiring pros—the chance to have these same once-in-a-lifetime experiences. You can learn more about our 2024 trips, browse our FAQs, and apply to enroll in a trip now. We also encourage you to reach out with any questions.